The Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry

The Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry is an annual international event for the dissemination of new results in the fields of computational and combinatorial geometry. The conference is usually held in a Canadian city sometime in mid-August.

The CCCG Library

The goal of the CCCG Library project is to have proceedings from all years available on this central server. For recent years, this just means moving the electronic proceedings from one location to another. For pre-1997 conferences this means scanning the paper proceedings and putting them online.

CCCG 2016 Proceedings
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Upcoming Conferences

CCCG 2018 in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Previous Conferences

CCCG 2017, in Ottawa, Ontario
CCCG 2016 in Vancouver, British Columbia
CCCG 2015 in Kingston, Ontario
CCCG 2014 in Halifax, Nova Scotia
CCCG 2013 in Waterloo, Ontario
CCCG 2012 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
CCCG 2011 in Toronto, Ontario
CCCG 2010 in Winnipeg, Manitoba
CCCG 2009 in Vancouver, British Columbia
CCCG 2008 in Montreal, Quebec
CCCG 2007 in Ottawa, Ontario
CCCG 2006 in Kingston, Ontario
CCCG 2005 in Windsor, Ontario
CCCG 2004 in Montreal, Quebec
CCCG 2003 in Halifax, Nova Scotia
CCCG 2002 in Lethbridge, Alberta
CCCG 2001 in Waterloo, Ontario
CCCG 2000 in Fredericton, New Brunswick
CCCG 1999 in Vancouver, British Columbia
CCCG 1998 in Montreal, Quebec
CCCG 1997 in Kingston, Ontario
CCCG 1996 in Ottawa, Ontario
CCCG 1995 in Quebec City, Quebec
CCCG 1994 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
CCCG 1993 in Waterloo, Ontario
CCCG 1992 in St. John's, Newfoundland
CCCG 1991 in Burnaby, British Columbia
CCCG 1990 in Ottawa, Ontario
CCCG 1989 in Montreal, Quebec

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